5 Critical Sexual Mistakes Men Make in the Bedroom – You Must Correct These Now!


If you like to make your woman go crazy for you in the bedroom, you’re not the first. But, sometimes your woman might just possibly dread you and think that you are no good in bed. Don’t make these 5 mistakes that many men make in the bedroom.

1. Avoiding foreplay – you should realize that women take a lot longer than men to get aroused. He should take this into account when trying to begin any sexual encounter. Slow down and give her entire body attention through kissing and using your tongue on her sensitive areas.

2. Being unfamiliar with her body – a lot of men will only pay attention to her breasts and vagina, totally ignoring all other areas. There are other sensitive areas of the woman’s body that a man should get familiar with. It can be different for all women so you will be to discover which areas trigger the most sensation. Some good areas are the earlobes, lower back, neck, lower belly and inner thighs.

3. Breaking too long – some mental take a break during sex to make sure that they don’t finish to quickly, which is always a good idea. However, if the break is too long the woman can easily lose their interest and their mood levels.

4. Not focusing on good sex positions – there are some sex positions that can really trigger orgasms by hitting the G. spot. Yes, classic and basic sex positions can also do the trick, however, it is good to mix it up and try positions that will enhance her orgasm ability. Rear entry, woman on top and butterfly style positions reached the G. spot very well.

5. Not trying to improve yourself sexually – every man can use improvement in the bedroom. The men that are lazy and that do not try to improve themselves are the ones who suffer by not keeping partners or by losing partners because of sexual chemistry. A man can do several things to improve himself: increase his penis size, improve erection strength, learn how to last longer and learn new sexual tips and techniques.


Source by Dillon Mason

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