How to Last Longer In Bed Permanently: A Holistic Approach


Learning how to last longer in bed has been a long-standing question for men around the world. The fact is: men want to last longer in bed for many various reasons:

  1. To increase their self-pride; to increase their self-perception of masculinity and raise confidence around females.
  2. To enjoy sexual intercourse as long as possible.
  3. To correct premature ejaculation problems that cause their partner to be left sexually unsatisfied after intercourse. This has reportedly been the largest concern of men; approximately 40% of those suffering from premature ejaculation also identify with this problem. This issue can be very serious because it can change confidence levels in men (thus spreading to other areas of their lives), cause relationship problems among spouses, among other mental and physical issues.

There are many ways of lasting longer in bed. One method might be appropriate for a specific case or individual while another method may not be. For instance: for a man and his partner who just wants to prolong their intercourse duration will likely require a different solution than a man who has trouble gaining/maintaining an erection. Taking OTC pills is one quick solution, but its effects are not permanent. You can become dependent on them and, depending on your age, this may actually be a step backwards in the long-term.

You might think Kegel exercises alone is enough to make you last longer in bed. Although they have proven to be effective, this method alone will not deliver optimal results.

I would like to clarify: no matter what is actually causing you to have problems lasting longer in bed, the best and longest-lasting solution is to tackle all aspects of the situation at once; this is where “Lasting Longer in Bed using a Holistic Approach” comes into play.

What aspects should you consider when it comes to lasting longer in bed?

1). The right mindset for improving your ability to last longer in bed.

You need to believe in yourself; have high self-confidence that the ability to last longer in bed is something that can be improved upon and developed no matter what the root of the problem is (including premature ejaculation).

It is similar to other physical activities. For instance: you can develop your stamina to last longer in cardiovascular activities – This is certainly in the case regarding performance in bed too.

2). Understanding Premature Ejaculation.

You need to understand this condition completely. From knowing the different mental triggers of premature ejaculation, all the way through the process of exactly why and how it physically happens.

3). Arousal Control.

This is the understanding of arousal development in stages, and how controlling your arousal at proper stages during intercourse will allow you to avoid early ejaculation. The goal here is to learn how to regulate arousal; this is achieved by recognizing and developing control over the triggers that causes arousal to increase and decrease.

4). Mental Control.

Having the right attitude and mindset is an important aspect of ejaculation control.

The way you perceive sex – the emotions, the feelings, and the thoughts you have – can affect how quickly you ejaculate (for instance: fear, anxiety, and nervousness).

5). Breathing.

Breathing can be both an involuntary action (such as in sleeping), and a voluntary action (such as in meditating). By making it a voluntary action during sex, it can be used to regulate your heart rate which in turn helps regulate arousal (Yes, that’s right – something as simple as breathing!). You should master what breathing techniques that have been developed to help in controlling arousal in order to maintain control in bed.

6). Physical Exercise of Perineal Muscles.

Most people forget to mention perenial Muscles when discussing ejaculation control.

To be able to last longer in bed, you should know how to identify your perenial muscles and learn methods to train them so that they become strong enough to withhold ejaculation at your will.

7). Masturbation Exercise.

Masturbating is the best way for you to get familiar with your body’s response as well as to practice what you have learned because there is no external pressure on you which allows full concentration.

It will allow you to remain calm and really pay attention to what you are experiencing. Learning what masturbation techniques to use for practicing new ways of controlling premature ejaculation is an integral factor in an overall permanent solution for lasting longer in bed.

8). Managing a Woman’s Orgasm.

Perception of premature ejaculation, or lasting longer in bed, is completely relative. During intercourse, if a woman does not reach orgasm before a man’s climax, then very often the man can be perceived as having an issue labeled “premature ejaculation>”

You need to learn how to bring a woman to her orgasm quicker which will nip the problem in the bud.

Although you are the focus of the self-development process of learning to last longer in bed, it is also equally important for you to figure out what you can do to bring your partner to climax quicker; the faster you can make your woman orgasm, the less time you will need to hold back your own orgasm.


Source by Daniel Kraska

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